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5752021-Jan-31 03:16
4622009-Feb-25 21:18
3302009-Feb-25 21:18
18682009-Feb-25 21:18
17202009-Feb-25 21:18
22782009-Feb-25 21:18
10822009-Feb-25 21:18
10992009-Feb-25 21:18
7102009-Feb-25 21:18
6372009-Feb-25 21:18
23292009-Feb-25 21:18
1710442009-Feb-25 21:18
622015-Jun-22 07:34
TLXOS uses a well patched build of autofs v4, despite its obsolesence, as part of the storage_detect system, which it borrows from the DIET-PC embedded Linux distribution. Autofs4 is a lot simpler than autofs5, and is better behaved with regard to features such as ghosting. You can apply the patches in pretty much any order without clashes (alphabetical order works fine). The files installed are the bare minimum required to do mounts of local filesystems: /usr/local/sbin/automount /usr/local/lib/autofs/{lookup_file,mount_bind,mount_generic,mount_nfs,parse_sun}.so