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A slightly tweaked copy of FreeRDP 2.x. Prior to TLXOS 4.6.0 a closed source variant of FreeRDP 1.0 named TurboRDP was used instead. The patch (originally for 2.0.0dev4) turns USB redirection on by default, un-cripples libx264 support, and relaxes the default USB redirection policy to allow redirection of everything other than hubs, mice and keyboards. Most of the patch is no longer needed for recent FreeRDP 2.x code. - TLXOS 4.6.0 and 4.6.1 used the 2.0.0rc4 tarball with FreeRDP-tlx.patch. - TLXOS 4.7.0 and 4.7.1 used the Git repo checked out to the 2.0.0dev5 tag with (parts of) FreeRDP-tlx.patch. - TLXOS 4.8.0 and 4.8.1 use the Git repo checked out at commit 3318d15 (slightly later than 2.0.0dev5) with (parts of) FreeRDP-tlx.patch. - TLXOS 4.9.0 used the 2.1.1 tarball with FreeRDP-2.1.0-tlx.patch. - TLXOS 4.9.1 through 4.9.3 use the 2.2.0 tarball with FreeRDP-2.1.0-tlx.patch and rail_fix.patch. Use for RePC/[I]SFF builds platforms, and for builds on RPi and RPi IoT (with -DWITH_NEON=OFF in the latter case). Warning - you must remove both CMakeCache.txt and top-level CMakefiles directory when changing architecture!