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iPXE is used as a second-stage PXE loader to boot from a client's TFM partition, served via ATA-over-Ethernet (AoE) by a vblade process. As this is intended for unattented remote installation, we wanted it to retry forever rather than fall through to alternate BIOS boot modes that won't work and will leave the machine unresponsive and stuck. Unfortunately the only way we were able to achieve this way to hardcode a boot script that uses a specific AoE target (aoe:N.0, where N is the number that TMS and tms_client use to identify the firmware type, e.g. 9 for NUC32, 2 for RePC). Configuring this looked too damned complicated, so I just pointed Apache at rom-o-matic in the contrib directory and used that (kpxe method 1 for undionly, with everything turned off except for CONSOLE_PCBIOS, DOWNLOAD_PROTO_TFTP, SANBOOT_PROTO_AOE, IMAGE_SCRIPT, DHCP_CMD and SANBOOT_CMD, with boot.script as the embedded script). The remove-timeout.patch is needed to avoid an assembler error when BANNER_TIMEOUT is set to 0. This whole approach is clumsy and may eventually be replaced with pxelinux using the sanboot.c32 module instead.