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5402021-Jan-31 08:11
13902822014-Mar-22 20:48
1032015-Jun-22 00:49
785962015-Mar-08 18:24
13902822014-Jul-21 23:26
798922015-Aug-26 15:42
11282642015-Jul-28 06:53
Needed on TLXOS Wheezy for JPEG acceleration purposes (Citrix accelerators, TurboRDP, TurboVNC), as Wheezy uses mainline IJG JPEG 8. This is the standard Jessie package. In addition to the TurboRDP package build, we also did an unpackaged build using the provided configure script, and install the JPEG8-compatible library as /usr/lib//, in order to supercede the existing library from native (to Wheezy) libjpeg8. This ensures that turbojpeg-unaware applications still benefit from turbojpeg.