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Debian lacks a package for the Raspberry Pi hciuart.service service, and recent versions of the Raspbian package drag in raspberrypi-bootoader (which we need to avoid because it contains a kernel), so this variant of an early version of the Raspbian package was devised for use on TLXOS. Our primitive version of the pi-bluetooth package assumes that Bluetooth is on /dev/ttyAMA and not /dev/ttyS0 - Raspbian provides a /dev/serial1 symlink to whichever of the two is appropriate via a udev fudge, but Debian doesn't have that. The 0.1.0tlx version uses hciattach from Raspbian's "special" build of Bluez, whereas 0.1.0tlx2 uses btattach from standard Bluez (but requires a much later Linux kernel).