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In our earliest TLXOS RPi/RPi IoT releases, we either used unofficial debs from or modified the official raspberrypi-bootoader deb to remove the Raspbian kernel. In later releases we gave up on this and just compiled our own unpackaged /opt/vc hierarchy from Github sources so that we didn't need to install libraspberrypi0, and could thereby avoid the raspberrypi-firmware dependency. Later still we started modding libraspberrypi-bin and libraspberrypi0 debs to remove the dependency on raspberrypi-bootoader. FYI TLXOS RPi also needs the Raspbian firmware-brcm80211 and bluez-firmware packages, because the Debian versions lack firmware needed for Raspberry Pi WiFi and Bluetooth. N.B. The so-called libraspberrypi-doc package actually contains important "example" code that, in my opinion, ought to be part of the libraspberrypi-dev package. You need this, for example, to compile the H.264 add-on for Citrix Receiver. FYI here are my old notes for modding raspberrypi-bootloader: --- Checklist for repackage hack of raspberrypi-bootloader deb: - remove lib/*, boot/COPYING.linux, boot/LICENCE.broadcom, boot/kernel* from data - edit usr/share/doc/raspberrypi-bootloader/changelog.Debian.gz in data - change control file (Package, Provides, Changed-by, Installed-Size, Description) - remove postrm file - edit preinst and postinst files - edit md5sums (removes lines, alter sum for changelog.Debian.gz)