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We modded the plymouth package to use our own logo rather than the Debian logo, and to use a white-green-brown tribar rather than a white-blue-brown one. Some hacks were needed to get 0.9.0-9 to work - crudely - on ARM platforms lacking VGA (e.g. Raspberry Pi). 0.9.2 has this fix already. To date nothing beyond will work properly on a "non VGA" platform (ARM), and regrettably will not work with a systemd-based initramfs (i.e. Jessie or later). Our theme of choice is spinfinity, unmodified except for a green colour gradient (green is the corporate colour, as you may have guessed by now) instead of a grayscale one. More accurately, since the spinfinity theme lacks any ability to display status messages, the userspace's theme is set to text, and only the initramfs uses spinfinity. This code is still being hacked around, apologies for the mess.