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This is not core TLXOS code, this is just a side project. ThinLinX bought some RAKwireless RAK2245 HATs, and a complete Pi-based RAK7246 IoT Gateway unit (because the RAK2246 HAT isn't sold separately), as we were interested in LoRaWAN and IoT generally, and Raspberry Pi applications in particular. We were not impressed to discover that RAKwireless expect you to install their own O/S, which is 99% stock Raspbian, in order to acquire the 1% that is their own software, so we decided to package (most of) their application software in some nice tidy debs that would install on any Debian-like Linux ARMHF O/S. We focused entirely on The Things Network rather than Chirpstack, and in particular setting up a public TTN gateway. We discovered that there is a serious bug in the RAKwireless code that will cause the gateway dameon to fail to start if the CPU runs at full speed. At first we had no clue what was going on and were just using kernel cpufreq capabilities to avoid the problem, but after a lot of reading of forum posts on we eventually found a post that had a patch for this, and that the underlying cause is trying to drive SPI too fast. The rest of our patch is just changing relative filenames for configuration files to what we felt were appropriate absolute pathnames.