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Rrshd - another borrowing from DIET-PC - is useful as a secure (ironically!) remote triggering system. TLXOS uses it, along with an rsh_conntrack netfilter kernel driver allowing use through firewalls, as a means by which a remote machine can trigger the local launch of a specific pre-approved application, via the obsolete RSH protocol. Typically, the sort of thing you'd use this for is almost-seamlessly displaying a local X11 application on a remote (e.g. RDP) desktop. In addition to the /usr/local/sbin/in.rrshd binary, you'll need to create an /etc/rrsh.allow file that contains the authorized commands (fully qualified pathnames), and add a startup hook (in /etc/tlxinit on TLXOS Wheezy, or using the provided rrsh.service systemd file on Jessie).