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This is a replacement for the simpler spicec binary used in earlier TLXOS releases. It is a FlexVDI-enhanced version of spice-[client-]gtk, which adds a drop-down toolbar and support for some FlexVDI-specific power management features. The features we are interested in were removed from version 0.35, so the highest version that is of use to us is 0.34. Master repo: Additional repos required: (use appropriate branch) (not needed for 0.29) (build prerequisite) (build prerequisite) General issues: - DO NOT use Debian's libspice-protocol-dev, you must use the GIT version provided here. - Non-obvious dependencies include: valac, nopoll (not in Debian repos), python-six, python-pyparsing, libtext-csv-perl, gtk-doc-tools GTK2 (v0.29) issues: - 0.31 was the last release of mainline spice-gtk to feature GTK2 support. - The FlexVDI variant jumped from 0.29 to 0.34, so we use the latest 0.29 release (tag name v0.29-fv9). - Requires glib >= 2.44 for G_IO_ERROR_NOT_CONNECTED (jessie has 2.42). - Also needed a spicy.c tweak that renders the --full-screen-on-all-monitors option inoperable (effectively the same as --full-screen). - May fail on harmless warnings on ARM due to -Werror