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TurboVNC was used as TLXOS' VNC client up until TLXOS 4.6.1. We favoured this over other VNC clients because, back in the days of Debian wheezy when everyone was still using ISC JPEG, TurboVNC had libjpeg-turbo support that other VNC clients lacked. Compilation requires libturbojpeg1-dev. libturbojpeg1-dev isn't native to Wheezy, so you'll need to compile and install that first. The only files installed are the tvncconfig, vncconnect, vncpasswd and vncviewer binaries (all in /usr/local/bin). N.B. TurboVNC 2.0 and later are Java-based, the C client has been removed. This is useless to us, so we were limited to the final C version (1.2.3).