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Only needed for Wheezy-based releases. TLXOS doesn't actually use usbip at the moment, but at some stage we may use it to implement USB redirection for protocols that don't have any internal support for it. At first we used code from the linux-3.18 source tree (tools/usb/usbip) and installed unpackaged files in /usr/local/sbin; later we compiled a deb from Jessie sources. The userspace code is closely tied to the kernel, so for our 3.18 kernel we needed this version (2.0), not the version that came with Wheezy (1.1.1). Wheezy 3.2 kernel headers don't have /usr/include/linux/usbip.h, so you'll need to install the one provided (it's a copy of include/uapi/linux/usbip.h from the 3.18 kernel tree) before compiling. Remove "-Werror" from EXTRA_CFLAGS and AM_CFLAGS in src/Makefile to suppress the "error" about alleged uninitialized use of sockfd. In its unpackaged form, the only installed files were /usr/local/sbin/usbip, /usr/local/sbin/usbipd and /usr/local/lib/ (and symlinks to it generated by ldconfig).