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Wheezy and Jessie's VAAPI-related debs were not sufficiently recent to support the latest NUC hardware at the time, and we also required trivial modifications To support our RemoteFX-aware FreeRDP 1.x fork (TurboRDP), so we built our own copy of and a tweaked version of libyami (which TurboRDP and the NUC32/RePC version of our proprietary plugin needed). On Wheezy, it was also necessary to upgrade to Jessie's libva version (1.4.1 - see ../only-for-wheezy/libva folder). The 64-bit (amd64) version of never worked properly, and was never used. We also attempted to include a gst-vaapi plugin (/usr/lib//gstreamer-0.10/ compiled from unmodified upstream sources, but this was futile, as Citrix Receiver would never actually use it. We later abandoned TurboRDP because we lacked the in-house expertise to maintain it, and switched to FreeRDP 2.x instead. The NUC32/RePC version of became unreliable for reasons beyond our control, and in any case our custom (and likewise unmaintanable) libyami build was incompatible with libva2, so our intel-driver and libyami mods became irrelevant and we were able to revert to the standard (backport) libgl1-mesa-dri package instead. The latest version of intel_[vaapi_]driver that we were able to support in Wheezy or Jessie was 1.8.3, because 2.0.0+ required a higher version of libva than Jessie (or our Wheezy backport) provides. libyami was limited to a maximum version of 0.2.5 for the same reason. Also included here is an unmodified Git pull of libva_wrapper, which Debian lacks. This was installed as /usr/lib/[i386-linux-gnu/]dri/ To compile this code, you require libva-dev 1.4.1 (not native to Wheezy, so compile and install that first) with our tweaked version of /usr/include/va/va.h (apply va_include_fix.patch). The installed files are: /usr/lib/[i386-linux-gnu/]dri/ (libva_wrapper) /usr/lib/[i386-linux-gnu/]dri/ (intel-driver) /usr/local/lib/libyami_{codecparser,common,decoder,encoder,vaapi}.so.0.2.4 (libyami) N.B. Smarter compilers might fail to compile libyami 0.2.5 due to -Werror, need to fix issues or remove -Werror