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Prior to TLXOS 4.3.0, Horizon Client was not included as standard on TLXOS RPi, and the x86 editions (NUC32/NUC64/RePC) used a very old version of Horizon Client for Linux (2.2.0) borrowed from an Ubuntu PPA. On even older versions (some time prior to 4.1.3) x86 editions did not include Horizon Client either. In TLXOS versions where Horizon Client was not provided, we supplied VMware View Open Client instead. This is an old project based on code that VMware had made publicly available, before they stopped doing this for many years (they only recently started doing it again). VMware only ever releases source code for the session management UI, not the VMware-View/Horizon-View/Horizon rendering engine. This is pretty useless, because it means that you can only use VMware-View/Horizon-View/Horizon in RDP mode (not PCoIP or BLAST), which means that it is basically just a wrapper for FreeRDP. We trimmed the installed tree slightly (removed manpages and documentation not needed at runtime). For ARM compilation, you will need to apply the VMware-view-open-client-4.5.0-tlxfixup.patch.bz2 patch. This patch uses code from Mark Lord's vmware_7.1.5_for_linux_3.x-mlord.patch ( - no license given, GPL 2.1 assumed).