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This is the final release of the TLX1000 firmware. TLXOS TLX1000 is based on Emdebian Grip, a now defunct bare-bones derivative of Debian Wheezy. Due to the TLX1000's extremely limited storage space - it has only 256 MiB of NAND flash - TLXOS TLX1000 can only accomodate truly essential components. TLXOS TLX1000 differs from modern TLXOS in that it uses a JFFS2 base layer, rather than Ext2 (or Reiser4 in the latest releases), and resides on a NAND MTD rather than a disk-like block device. JFFS2 allows use of integral compression, which is essential in order to fit a full Debian-like O/S in the tiny amount of storage. There are also some package differences between TLXOS TLX1000 and other TLXOS 3.x editions. Otherwise, it's pretty similar, using the same three-layer filesystem union (albeit using UnionFS rather than AUFS). There is no installer for TLX1000 because the O/S came preinstalled on the hardware. If you want to use TMS to change settings on a TLX1000, your best bet is TMS 6.7.0, which is era-approrpiate for TLXOS 3.5.1. However, if you need to upgrade or license a TLX1000, you should use a recent version of TMS instead.