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14322021-Mar-01 04:34
This folder contains obsolete versions of the ThinLinX Operating System (TLXOS) and related post-release patches (hotfixes). The exe files contain initial installation images. You can use 7-Zip to extract the raw ".img" file directly from the self-extracting Window executable if you want to use an imaging tool other than the very simple Windows binary that it includes (Win32DiskImager). The zip files contain TMS-installable upgrade files or hotfixes. Upgrades should be extracted in "C:\ProgramData\ThinLinX Management Software\firmware" (or /var/lib/tms/firmware on Linux) and hotfixes in "C:\ProgramData\ThinLinX Management Software\hotfix" (or /var/lib/tms/hotfix), after which they will be visible to TMS. Archives of releases older than 4.4.0 are likely to be incomplete - what's here is all we have to hand, the full set of files are on a server in storage in the United States that we can't afford to retrieve (because we're in Australia). FYI: - TLXOS <= 3.5.x(?) is based on Emdebian Grip (derived from Debian Wheezy) - TLXOS 3.6.x is based on Debian/Raspbian 7 (Wheezy) - TLXOS 3.6.x RPi is based on Raspbian rather than Debian (as in later releases), and has dual kernels like RePC >= 4.x does - TLXOS 4.0.0-4.6.1 is based on Debian/Raspbian 8 (Jessie) - TLXOS 4.7.x is based on Debian/Raspbian 9 (Stretch) - TLXOS 4.8.x is based on Debian/Raspbian 8 (Jessie) - TLXOS 4.9.x is based on Debian 10 (Buster)