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Here are some random bits and pieces that were never officially released. is a pseudo-firmware upgrade that can be used to convert ISFF 32-bit (NUC32) to [I]SFF 64-bit (NUC64) by replacing the NUC32 ThinLinX Firmware Maintenance (TFM) image with the NUC64 one. After doing that you must immediately "upgrade" TLXOS via TMS to complete the conversion, otherwise you will be left with an unbootable system. tlxos_nuc32_installer-3.7.0.exe is an unreleased continuation of TLXOS NUC32 3.x (the last official release was 3.6.3). repcupgr-3.5.7.gz, tfm_nuc32_unknown.xz and tfm_nuc64_unknown.xz are raw images of Maintenance mode (TFM) partitions which we otherwise no longer have copies of. Likewise multiimage-3.0.101-tlx1000-upgr-3 (the TFM image for TLXOS TLX1000 3.5.1), except that it is a U-Boot multiimage containing a kernel and initrd rather than a filesystem image. and are firmware files that can only be used for reinstall or downgrade (it's not possible to upgrade to RePC/ISFF 4.4.0 from 4.3.0 or earlier because partition sizes are different). tlxos_nuc32_installer.iso and tlxos_nuc64_installer.iso are "versionless" bootstrap installers for [I]SFF that contain only the TFM image for SFF 4.8.1. These can be used in conjunction with TMS to install any version of [I]SFF no later than 4.6.1, or SFF 4.8.x. nuc64-4.0.5.img is a master image for a version of ISFF that may not have been an official release.